Tournament Rules

Discord channel :

  • Map: Erangel –Tpp- Squad
  • The lobby will be open 15 mins before the game begins, players are expected to join within the given time frame once they get theroom id and password, if players did not join after the given 15 mins it wll be considered as forfiet.
  • Emulators are strictly not allowed(if found players will be automatically evicted from the lobby)
  • Players should not team up with other squad members
  • Each and every player will be watched closely to maintain a fair gaming enviroment
  • If players found exploiting glitches or bugs from the game to eliminate other players , the whole squad will be disqualified
  • Players found cheating will be banned from the site
  • Players are expected to maintain decorum(do not verbally abuse other players)
  • Each and every game will be live streamed on youtube (with 10 min delay) to maintain a healthy gaming environment
  • You can access the recording of every game though our youtube channel
  • Incase of disputes admins decision will be final