Frequently Asked Questions

How to join the tournaments ?

Take a look into our ‘’How to join” page

How will I receive my prize money ?

At Gamorilla we have state of the art Payout Mechanism where users will get payout instantly. Your Prize money will be directly sent to your bank account or Paytm wallet, Once the tournament gets over you will instantly receive a mail to your registered mail id, just follow the instructions given in the mail and you will receive the cash instantly.

Important note : [email protected] is the official mail id , do not share your bank details to any individual claiming to be from
gamorilla,we will never ask for your bank otp or details over the phone or email, donot fall for scams.

What are the payment methods accepted ?

Gamorilla accepts Debit/credit card, Paytm, Internet Banking and so much more just for the added convenience of our users.

Do I have any limits to participate in tournaments ?

NO, there is no limit. You can participate in any number of tournaments from Gamorilla and your earning potentials are unlimited with our site

Can I Join the Gamorilla Team ?

Yes of course, Gamorilla is a platform ‘By the gamers, For the gamers’. You can be a part of our official Esports Team If u stay on the top of leaderboards for just more than a month.

How can I contact ?

You can Mail us to [email protected] or you can call us on

Discord channel :